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Giving YOU the Power to Convert with Call-to-Action Videos

  • Face-to-Face Wins Business
  • Calls-to-Action Close Business
  • Do both in the Age of Video with Vaetas Connect

Vaetas now includes a Video Communication Masterclass with every membership.

Turn leads into customers faster with call-to-action videos.

Vaetas Connect Call-to-Action Videos

Standard email messages and phone calls are no longer effective.

Vaetas personalized call-to-action videos help you to connect with your leads from the very first touch when you can’t meet in person. 

Then convert them right from their mobile device or computer without the need to send them to a web page. 

What Our Vaetas Community is Saying about Vaetas Connect


Vaetas Connect is an incredible tool that helped me to obtain a $360,000 listing. The sellers indicated that it was the personal connection I established with them through my Vaetas Connect personalized video that won the deal.

Jon Stroud Vaetas Testimonial

Jon Stroud

Realtor / Video Business Dev Expert


“I’ve been using Vaetas Connect for about a year and I love it. The videos are highly engaging and the calls-to-action make life easier for getting appointments. I highly recommend it.”

Laura Camacho Vaetas Testimonial

Laura Camacho, PhD, PMP

Communication Coach at Mixonian Institute


We use Vaetas Connect for business development. Our cold emails are more noticed and our open rates have increased. Vaetas Connect has led to more conversions for our business. 

Matt Coda

Matt Coda

Founder & Creative Director, Vive Media

“The Fortune is in the Follow Up.”

Vaetas helps you cross the business finish line with our patented video call-to-action technology.

Vaetas Connect is designed with YOUR CONVERSIONS in mind. 

YOU control your viewers next action step using Vaetas Connect.

Crossing the closing finish line

Personalize your Vaetas Connect video calls-to-action for all of your business development needs**:

  • Auto-Forward to Any Web Page (Demo)
  • Book an Appointment  (Demo)
  • Email Me  (Demo)
  • Tap to Call  (Demo)
  • Download PDF File (Demo)
  • Video-to-Video (Demo)
  • Email Collector (Demo)
  • Sell Products (Demo)
  •  Custom Call-to Action (Demo)

**To show you the power of Vaetas, our demo videos are actual short full-screen Vaetas Connect call-to-action videos. Demo videos open in a new browser window.

Vaetas now includes a Video Communication Masterclass with every membership.

Recording and Sending Business Development Videos Has Never Been Easier

Easily record or import videos with your computer or mobile device

  • Record using your Webcam
  • Record your Computer Screen
  • Upload Existing Videos
  • Paste In YouTube Links

Vaetas Connect Video Recording Demo

Vaetas Connect Recording Screens

Directly Connect  & Convert Prospects on their Turf

Video Email

Video Texting

Social Messaging & Sharing

Website Video Embedding

We’re Compatible! 100% Match

Your Vaetas videos are compatible with the services you’re already using!

Vaetas Connect Email Integrations

Use a different service?

We’ve got you covered and it’s as simple as copy/paste.

Your Vaetas videos can be sent as direct social messages and call-to-video social updates! 

Vaetas Connect Social Sharing Integrations

Vaetas Connect Notifications
Vaetas Connect Stats

Click the graphic to watch Vaetas Connect Stats Demo

Instant notifications lets you know when and how to follow up.

Vaetas Connect's real-time statistics allow you to know: 

  • When and If Video is Watched
  • How Long the Video was Watched
  • Viewer’s Location
  • Number of Times Your Video is Watched
  • Call-to-Action Activity

Vaetas now includes a Video Communication Masterclass with every membership.

When you join Vaetas, you join a supportive community

Chat Support build right into our Vaetas dashboard and integrated with our Slack communication channel for faster response times.

Vaetas Chat System

Help Desk

Vaetas Vlogs

Video Scripts

Video Recording Toolkit

Video Training Series

 Vaetas Connect Increases Engagement & Conversions

DANE BLIGH  //  President, Southern Trapper

Dane Bligh Vaetas testimonial

Cold email results skyrocket with Vaetas Connect!

"We depend on Vaetas Connect for increased sales. It allows us to earn a piece of our prospect's memory. Our cold email conversions skyrocketed from a 10% open rate and 1% click through rate with standard email messages, to a 40% open rate and 10% click-through rate with Vaetas Connect. Vaetas also "walks their talk" with their customer support. I highly recommend them if you're looking to build your business."

Simon Fraser

SIMON FRASER  //  Producer/Director at Spark Creators

I get more responses & close more business.

"I regularly receive thank you email responses from prospects and close more business with Vaetas Connect call-to-action personalized videos."

Vaetas now includes a Video Communication Masterclass with every membership.