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Vaetas Testimonials

Daisy McCarthy //  Founder, Brand Message Clarity

I use Video Connect to nurture prospects through my pipeline.

The response has been outstanding. Over 25% of the prospects said they got on a phone call with me because of my personalized videos.

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Daisy McCarty Vaetas Testimonial

JON STROUD  //  Chief Connection Officer / Realtor /  Video Business Development Expert

Jon Stroud Vaetas Testimonial

Video Connect is an incredible tool that helped me obtain a $360,000 listing.

"Video Connect is an incredible tool that helped me to obtain a $360,000 listing. The sellers indicated that it was the personal connection I established with a Video Connect video that made them choose me."

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SIMON FRASER  //  Producer/Director at Spark Creators

Simon Fraser

I get more responses & close more business.

"I regularly receive thank you email responses from prospects and close more business with Video Connect call-to-action personalized videos."

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BRATTON RILEY  //  Co-Founder and CEO at Citibot / Public Speaker on Government Solutions

Bratton Riley, Vaetas Testimonial

Video Connect is a super way to authentically communicate.

"I’ve used Video Connect for over a year and it’s a super way to authentically communicate to the world and potential customers. Watch how I increased my conference follow-up results with Vaetas Connect."

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ANDY LARSON  //  The Family Finance Champion / Primera Independent Representative

Andy Larson, Vaetas Testimonial

Achieving unparalleled success. 

"Met new business partners and other business connections. I'm  seeing unparalleled success using Video Connect."

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MATT CODA  // Founder and Creative Director at Vive Media

Matt Coda, Vaetas Testimonial

Video Connect has led to more conversions for our business. 

"We use Video Connect for business development . Our cold emails are more noticed and our open rates have increase. Video Connect has led to more conversions for our business."

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DANE BLIGH  //  President, Southern Trapper

Dane Bligh Vaetas testimonial

Cold email results skyrocket with Video Connect!

"We depend on Video Connect for increased sales. It allows us to earn a piece of our prospect's memory.

Our cold email conversions skyrocketed from a 10% open rate and 1% click through rate with standard email messages, to a 40% open rate and 10% click-through rate with Video Connect.

Vaetas also "walks their talk" with their customer support. I highly recommend them if you're looking to build your business."

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Laura Camacho Vaetas Testimonial

LAURA CAMACHO, PhD, PMP  // Communication Coach at Mixonian Institute

I’m not Technical and Video Connect is so Easy to Use.

“I’ve been using Video Connect for about a year and I love it. The videos are highly engaging and the calls-to-action make life easier for getting appointments. I highly recommend it.”

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Duval Acker, Vaetas Testimonial


Real Estate Agent, 

Carolina One Real Estate

I’ve been working with Vaetas for several months now. I’m so impressed with the Vaetas Team’s level of responsiveness. They get in touch with me almost immediately and most business don’t do that. They’re putting the personal touch in serving their clients and I highly recommend them.

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