Vaetas Mission and Values to Help Grow your Customer Authenticity

Vaetas Mission & Values


Vaetas provides strategic technology for business development in the age of video. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with high-converting full-screen call-to-action videos, then sign-up for our no-risk 15-Day free trial

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Vaetas Innovation


We are dedicated to innovation, not only in the technology we provide but also in the way we conduct business.


This is where all great ideas and actions are born. We strive to bring this value into our technology and business experiences.

Vaetas Creativity
Helping Others
Helping Other People

This is a consistent value among all our team members. We consistently strive for a Win-Win-Win mentality.


Our company values the passion of our team members as well as our customers. We believe this is where innovation is born.

Vaetas Passion
Vaetas Fun

Having fun in life and work is a value that bonds our company together. How we spend our time is how we spend our life, and we want to make having fun a priority each and every day in both our professional and personal lives. From this value, we are dedicated to creating products that are fun to use and experience.


We recognize that trust is earned. We are dedicated to making trust in us one of our main priorities, and work to earn it on a daily basis.

Vaetas Trust
Vaetas relationships

We believe relationships are everything. Relationships with our customers, investors, community members, team members, family members, etc. – all of our relationships are our priority. We want to build a community … and we understand that requires making our relationships a top priority.

Service and Leadership

We believe the values of service and leadership go hand in hand. At our company, we believe as individuals the most success comes when we are of the understanding that we are in service to each other.

Therefore we must offer the best service to our clients as well as each of our team members so they have the opportunity to reach their full potential. If we are going to remain leaders in the industry, we believe having a service mindset is essential.

Vaetas Service & Leadership