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The following is a list of publications that the Vaetas team contributed content in the areas of Entrepreneurship, digital marketing and video-related topics.

You can also read more about our patent, that was awarded in May of 2017. When you’re ready to explore joining our Vaetas Community, we invite you to sign-up for our risk-free 15-day trial.

At Vaetas, we help you to bring your business to the next level through the use of full-screen call-to-action videos. Higher viewer engagement and fewer action steps = more conversions.

Patent Awarded

Vaetas was awarded patent US9654843 B2 for our video management and marketing system (real-time calls-to-action) on May 16, 2017. READ MORE >

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New Apple App Uses Interactive Video To Make Connecting With Customers Easier

A new app available through the Apple Store uses interactive video to make it easier than ever for businesses to connect with their customers. Vaetas just announced the release of the Vaetas Connect iOS app. This free iPhone app is designed to serve entrepreneurs and… READ MORE >

Is Your Company Giving Video The Love It Deserves?

One of the commonly tracked metrics of website engagement is time on site. Businesses that want potential customers to linger longer on their websites have an easy tool for making that happen — video. It turns out, giving website visitors text to read or photos to look at isn’t enough to keep them fully engaged. But, according to V. Michael Santoro and John S. Rizzo, co-founders of InVidz, LLC and developers of Vaetas, an online video marketing syndication network, adding a video means they’ll hang around, on average, an extra two minutes. READ MORE >


Should Your Company Consider Alternative Domain Extensions?

It used to be that there were only seven options when it came to top level domain names (TLD), or that part of the domain located to the right of the dot. (.com, .org, .net and .edu are the best known of the original TLDs.) But alternative domain extensions are quickly gaining in popularity. READ MORE >


The Easy Daily Habits 24 Executives Say Give Them an Edge

The most successful people I know share some common traits. They’re confident, hard-working, astute with money, and health conscious. They also stick to certain routines proved over time to work. Check out these quotes from 24 successful executives who credit simple daily habits for helping them get ahead in business and life. READ MORE >


‘Niche Dominance’ Helps Business Owners With Reputation Marketing

With “Niche Dominance, Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos,” ( co-authors John S. Rizzo and V. Michael Santoro give entrepreneurs a guide to all the major aspects of online marketing, including how to hire better digital marketing resources that can help protect your reputation online. READ MORE >


Should You Include A Video With Your Resume?

Some of the country’s top business schools are requiring potential students to be camera ready.In an effort to virtually meet and select the best candidates, the MBA programs at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Yale School of Management, and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management have added mandatory video essays to their applications. READ MORE >


Niche Dominance: Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos

Are you inundated with calls promising a Page One ranking? Has your business been stung by poor or inadequate results because you hired the wrong resources?

Niche Dominance was written to empower small and local businesses, as well as entrepreneurs, with a commanding online presence. READ MORE >


Additional Content Contributions

42 Exciting B2B Startups to Watch out for in 2019

These startups and their passionate founders are trying to revolutionize existing B2B solutions. Find out what they are working on.


Mycorporation Blog

Advice I Wish I Had Before Starting My Business — Experts Weigh In

48 small business professionals reveal to us the one piece of advice they wish they had known about before they got into business. (Tip #15)


Fit Small Business

Top 30 Business Philosophy Examples from the Pros

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), about 33 percent of all businesses will fail during their first two years. This is why it’s important that business owners are guided by principles to reach company goals every day. We asked the experts to share the business philosophy they live by that helps them stay focused as decision makers.

Here are the top 30 best business philosophies from the pros. (Tip #8)


ContenderCast with Justin Honaman

Cold Calling…Video Style! – Episode 36 on iTunes

“What do digital marketing + personalization + video + sales / cold-calling have in common?

Find out as Vito Santoro joins Justin to discuss launching an interactive video communication platform.


Cold Calling the CEO – 7 Tips to Get Your Foot in the Founder’s Door

Cold calling the CEO is the scariest, most intimidating part of sales. In fact, research shows that most sales reps simply shy away from phone calls and prefer to email, because it’s more convenient. Most first contacts happen via email, and most commonly, sales reps will just send one single email before giving up on their targets.


How to Get Double Digit Response Rates to Your Prospecting Emails

Sales prospecting practitioners shared 14 tips for getting more responses to your sales prospecting emails. (Tip #9)


50+ Tips for Combating Negative Business Press (Tip: #30)

Nothing can derail your business or brand quite like negative press or reviews often can. So, how can your business or brand best combat those negative reviews, PR or press? Well, we have looked to the incredible contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their best tips for turning negative PR into a positive for their business.


Top Success Habits of Entrepreneurs

The media loves to tout overnight success stories, but often fails to report the years of hard work and determination that lead to that “overnight success”. And, because cultivating the right kinds of habits is a major key to that entrepreneurial success, we have asked the contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share the best habit that professionals and entrepreneurs should develop to become more successful.  See Tip #112


125 DIY Email Marketing Tips

A roundup article containing several pages of useful tips. Ours was on the link provided.


Creative Click Media

Business Owners Tell All: Business Lessons I learned from My Dad!

For many entrepreneurs, their fathers did more than just rattle off bad dad jokes and embarrass them at high school sporting events. Either by way of example or counsel, their fathers imparted bits of wisdom and shared life secrets, paving the road to success for their children.


Business Owners Tell All: 2018 SEO Predictions

How should marketers make sure their business’ website is equipped to stay ahead of Google’s ever-changing SEO algorithms in the new year? Read on to find out the 2018 SEO predictions these 25 experts are anticipating over the next few months.


The Difference Video Can Make for Your Business

Why it’s good business to embrace video in digital-marketing campaigns


Small Business Expert Forum – Feature Articles By V. Michael Santoro

Use Video to Grow your Business


8 Tips for Dominating Your Niche



10 Biggest Myths in SEO. What You Should Forget About in 2018

Search engines are getting smarter, but technically focused SEO is no longer relevant in 2018. Today Google and the best SEO strategies are oriented on users’ problems first. But there are myths that people still believe in.



32 Valuable Startup Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

Building a successful startup is not a function of ‘by chance’. It takes a lot of discomforts, uneasiness, and creativity to start with an idea and build it every day. Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique and their challenges are different but we sure can learn from their stories.

We asked 32 successful entrepreneurs and business strategists to share their stories of struggle, learning, and success. We hope this will inspire you as you build your own sweet story of building a tech startup!


19 Common Myths About Content Marketing You Should Stop Believing

The online marketing landscape is an ever-changing sphere. Here are 19 common myths about content marketing that you should stop believing now! (See Tip #13)


How To Develop The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

It’s easy to look at the headlines and imagine the lives of entrepreneurs as glamorous and exciting, but developing the entrepreneur mindset takes immense personal and professional sacrifice. If you want to work on your mindset then these are the 25 tips you should follow.


CEO Blog Nation

20 Entrepreneurs Explain the Best Traits of a Successful Leader

To be successful as a leader requires a combination of skills and traits to make you outstanding. While there are several challenges that surround leadership positions, some leaders still manage to exhibit traits that best describes them to be successful.  On the same note, we asked entrepreneurs and business owners about the best traits of a successful leader. (Tip #13)

*** (Expert Roundup Series)

What You Should Know Before Starting a Small Business

Becoming a small business owner means you have quite a bit of responsibility. The number of things you have to consider and think through before starting a business can add a lot of weight to your decision. There are countless questions you might be asking yourself right now because you know that starting a business isn’t always the easiest thing to do.


American Express

Should Your Company Consider Alternative Domain Extensions?

An increasing number of small-business owners are trying new domain extensions like .art. Learn how your company may benefit from additional URLs.


6 Marketing Trends to Look for in 2017

When making plans to grow your business in the coming year, you may want to consider using one of these emerging marketing trends.



Expert Roundup: Experts Reveal Their Biggest Business Start Up Challenges

Creating a successful business from the ground up definitely comes with challenges. It can be anything from not having enough funding to not getting the right customers. You have to put in hard work, countless hours, and make several sacrifices just to keep your business running.


Expert Roundup: The Advice Experts Wish They Had Been Told

It’s hard to avoid making mistakes when you’re new to small business ownership. In part one of this series, small business owners explained what they think you should know before you start your business. Even though their responses may have answered some of your questions, there are probably things you still don’t know simply because you lack experience.


Expert Roundup: The Payment Processing Advice Every Business Owner Should Hear

In order to get your small business up and running, you have to consider how your customers will pay you. In today’s world, accepting only cash is a pretty risky decision. It’s clear that cash is becoming an outdated form of payment.


LinkedIn Publications

13 Online Issues That Can Impact Your Business


How to Use “Help a Reporter” (HARO) to Become an Influencer in Your Niche


6 Deadly Digital Marketing Landmines to Watch Out for in 2019!

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