Vaetas Custom App Development

Vaetas Custom App Development

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Mobile App Development

More than a custom mobile app development company, the Vaetas team will be your technology consultant that will help transform your business in the digital age. We are a full-service mobile and Web app development company that can turn your vision into a successful cutting-edge application that integrates with your business model and chosen systems. Whether you're seeking custom app development for android,  iPhone or a Web app or an integrated cross-platform solution, Vaetas,LLC can help you.

It’s all about clarity!

We focus on strategy, design, and development to turn your vision into a successful App that is highly personalized, functional and intuitive.

We build real world Web and mobile apps to help increase your revenue and provide on-going support to ensure success. We can also develop internal systems that allow your team to work more efficiently.

Let’s be honest

The market is saturated with App development companies, all touting that they’re the best. The questions to consider are:

  • “Do they understand business development or just provide programmers that can develop what you think you want?”
  • “Do they use their best developer to sell you on their company and then hire less experienced programmers to build your app?”

Many hire programmers only when they have App projects and then let them go until another App project emerges.


The Vaetas Difference

At Vaetas, LLC, we eat our own dog food. We actually built our own successful SaaS cutting-edge integrated Web and mobile apps as the foundation of our business. (Vaetas Video Connect and Video Add-to-Cart). We were awarded a U.S. patent in May 2017 for our call-to-action video technology. We built an entire SaaS business around our App development, so we get it! Ask yourself, “How many App companies can make that claim?

However, understanding the App business is one thing… understanding how to correctly build an App that will be the cornerstone of your business is another. At Vaetas, we know that your App is not just an “add-on,” “nice-to-have” component, but rather, it needs to become a solution that is an integral part of your business.

Vaetas is an Extension of your Team and not just another Vendor

We want you to view us as a business partner and not just an App development vendor. To accomplish this, we developed a successful process including:

  • No rush to quote – We consult with you to understand your business vision and objectives, and what you need to accomplish with your App. These discussions ensure that nothing is overlooked that can require expensive upgrades after you release your App.
  • We provide a turnkey solution, so you don’t need technical resources on staff. Vaetas offers an approach from understanding your business and requirements upfront, as well as design, development and project management.
  • Vaetas works on a project basis, as opposed to a monthly retainer. This ensures that we get it right the first time.
  • We specialize in complex cloud-based Web and mobile app integration.
  • We will set up a dedicated communication channel with you, utilizing a Slack integration to manage projects. This gives you direct access to both our management and development teams, as well as around the clock support.
  • A dedicated development team to ensure continuity and quality of work.
  • We keep our developers trained to remain on the cutting-edge.
  • We offer the Best Value for the price.

Technologies we Work On:

Backend: Node.js and Laravel

Web Frontend: Angular, React and Vue

Mobile Apps: Android native, iOS native and Flutter

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Vaetas Connect mobile

Patented Video Technology Integration

If video communication is important to your business, Vaetas can integrate our patented call-to-action technology directly into your App. In 2019 and beyond, personalized video communication is fast becoming the standard to build trust with both prospects and customers.

Current Clients

Our current clients include:

Osler Health

An integrated Web & mobile app patient engagement system that allows physicians and patients directly communicate through call-to-action videos.

Stay Duvet Vaetas Client

Duvet provides property management short-term vacation rental system integrated with Air B&B and VRBO

Citibot Vaetas App Client

Citizen engagement bot that allows citizens to easily report issues via text message and the city resolve issues in their city by assigning reports to city workers.

The Next Step

Ready to take your App project to the next level? Contact us to schedule your free no obligation consultation today.