Vaetas Age of Video Vlog Covers Timely Human Condition Topics

Vaetas: Age of Video Vlog

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Episode 012 Competition

In this episode, Jennifer interviews Jon Stroud, Charleston Realtor, and Vaetas' Chief Communications Officer about what competition really means.

Vlog Episode 12: Competition

Vaetas Celebrate Vlog Episode

In this episode, Jennifer shares the importance of recognizing your growth and accomplishments.

Episode 11: Celebrate the Journey

Social Presence Image

“Social Presence” with a twist! Jen discusses the definition of social presence from 2003 and compares to 2019.

Episode 10: Social Presence

Introverts in Business Image

In this episode, Jen interviews Vaetas member Laura Camacho! They discuss Introverts in the modern business climate.

Episode 9: Introverts in Business

Scripted-Unscripted Image

In this episode, Jen covers the topic of when to use scripts in video outreach and when to try out being unscripted.

Episode 8: Scripted or Unscripted?

Episode 07-Vlog

In this episode, Jen discusses a really important aspect of business and personal development: CONFIDENCE.



In this episode, Jen interviews Vaetas Member Simon Fraser. Simon offers GREAT advice on how he keeps it simple when it comes to using video outreach effectively. 

Episode 6: Video Tips for Biz Dev
Episode 05 Vlog

In this episode, during Valentine’s Day week, Jen discusses how love shows up for us in many ways and brings attention to how it shows up for us in business.

Episode 5: You’re Worth It!

In this episode, Jen discusses an essential component to the modern day business climate: COURAGE. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

Episode 4: Courage. Fearlessness or Facing Fear?


In this episode Jen interviews Vaetas Co Founder, Vito Santoro (aka Papa Vito), on his leadership style of “Lead, Follow, Get Out of the Way.” Vito also discusses how business is like white water rafting, and what we can do to navigate the journey.

Episode 3: Lead, Follow, Get Out of the Way

In this episode, Jen interviews fellow Vaetas Co Founder, John Rizzo, to discuss one of the most important lessons in business: “Fortune is in the Follow Up.”

Episode 2: “The Fortune is in the Follow Up”


We are going to be exploring Human Potential and Business Development in the Age of Video! Excited to have you on the journey!

Episode 1: Biz Dev in the Age of Video

Vaetas The Collaboration Tool for the Age of Video