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Texting Videos with Vaetas Connect


Texting videos is a high-converting method for following up with prospects. However, it needs to be done correctly.

Texting a cold prospect as a first touch is not advisable. According to recent statistics, while texting in the sales process can lead to conversion gains of more than 100%; sending text messages before establishing contact with a prospect can adversely affect both contact and conversion rates. (Source: Velocify).

The reason is that people want to give their permission first to contact them.

Texting is more of a personal connection than email. Thus, texting videos to cold leads transmits that it’s all about you, and not them.

Once you establish your first connection and follow-up with a video text message, text messages have an incredible 98% open rate and a 45% response rate.

Jennifer Santoro on Smartphone

Personalized Video Text Messages 

While sending text messages in general achieves these statistics, using personalized video messages can help to quickly build trust and authority with your prospects - something that is difficult with standard text messages.

With Vaetas Connect, our follow up video text messages, as well as follow up emails increased the conversions to 99% when the messaging was correct.

The free Vaetas Connect actionable “Video Recording Toolkit” demonstrates how to create high converting video messages without needing to write or read a script.

It helps you to sound more natural and your message connects with your viewers. This is because your message is all about them and not you.


Texting Statistics

Some Additional Business Texting Statistics

  • Sales prospects who are sent text messages convert at a rate 40% higher than those who are not sent any text messages. (Source: Velocify)
  • It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. (Source: CTIA)
  • Over one-third of business professionals say they can’t go 10 minutes without responding to a text. (Source:  eWeek
  • 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS. (Source: Digital Marketing Magazine)
  • 44% of consumers would rather receive product details and other marketing messages through text over any other channel. (Source: Direct Marketing Association) Video is the best content for product details.

Texting Videos App

Having an easy-to-use texting app that sends personalized videos can increase both your viewer’s engagement, and conversions.

With texting currently being a hot channel for people, and video being the content of choice, you can create an exceptional follow-up texting videos campaign strategy.

It doesn’t matter whether you use an Android or iPhone smartphone. You can begin texting videos from Android to iPhone and visa-versa.

Viewer Engagement and Conversions

However, it’s important to understand that there are two parts to using video for your prospecting and follow-up campaigns – viewer engagement and conversions.

Our Vaetas Strategy

Higher Viewer Engagement + Fewer Viewer Action Steps = More Leads and Sales

Maximum Viewer Engagement 

Increased viewer engagement is accomplished when your personalized message is “all about” the viewer and how you can help them.

Sending a message that is “all about you” rarely converts. Good viewer engagement determines the response rate.

Increased Conversions

Conversions are when the viewer takes your next desired action step to respond. This can be cumbersome for most texting apps that send videos.

They do a good job of sending your video text messages, however they usually require viewers to go to a landing page to watch the video.

Some will place a call-to-action button on the page. However, when the video opens to play, the viewer has to close it to get back to the page.

Vaetas Connect Video Texting App

Using the Vaetas Mobile App, you can send your call-to-action videos as text messages.

You also have a fully-integrated Web app. In addition to texting, your call-to-action videos can be sent by email, as well as direct social messaging.

The apps are fully integrated as an easy-to-use call-to-action video communication system.

With Vaetas Connect, high converting calls-to-action are a part of your video and they are not required to be embedded in a landing page.

Your videos play full-screen and your viewers can take the next action step that YOU choose. YOU have the power to control your viewer’s next action step to contact you directly from your video.

With Vaetas Connect, full-screen videos maximize your viewer’s engagement and custom calls-to-action allows them to immediately respond without having to take extra steps.

Vaetas Connect Mobile App-Video Screen

Vaetas Connect CTAs

Vaetas Connect Calls to Actions Increase Conversions

  • Email you directly from the video (Demo)
  • Call you directly from the video (Demo)
  • Download a digital file, such as a brochure or agreement (Demo)
  • Schedule a meeting and your Vaetas Connect Calendar syncs with your Google calendar (Demo)
  • Auto-forward viewers to any desired web page (Demo)
  • Collect viewers' email addresses (Demo)
  • Video-to Video call-to-action (Demo)
  • Buy your product (Demo)

Taking your business to the next level

Texting videos has never been easier.  You can obtain a 15-Day Free no obligation trial to Vaetas Connect. You can unsubscribe at any time from the Vaetas Web app dashboard and you won’t be charged.

We look forward to helping you build your business when you become a member of our growing Vaetas community.

To your continued success,

The Vaetas Team