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My clients are loving that I am sending video reports to them now. They’re saying it’s so much easier for them to watch a video of me updating them, versus them having to read my old written reports. They also love being able to email me any questions they have when the video ends.”

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I sent a cold email blast out using a Vaetas video, and got a call immediately saying how much they enjoyed the video and asked if they could make an order. That never happened with my old text emails.”

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When I went to a conference, follow up afterwards was so much more efficient with Vaetas. The people I met could easily recognize me from the video and schedule our follow up call.”

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We sold out our event 2 months in advance using the redirect, auto-forward CTA. When the promo video ended, it took viewers directly to the ticket page.”

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I LOVE personalizing my messages to my prospects and customers AND making it easy for them to take the next action step with me.”