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Patent Awarded

Vaetas was awarded patent US9654843 B2 for our video management and marketing system (real-time calls-to-action) on May 16, 2017. READ MORE >

The Vaetas leadership team has been seen in…

New Apple App Uses Interactive Video To Make Connecting With Customers Easier

A new app available through the Apple Store uses interactive video to make it easier than ever for businesses to connect with their customers. Vaetas just announced the release of the Vaetas Connect iOS app. This free iPhone app is designed to serve entrepreneurs and… READ MORE >

Is Your Company Giving Video The Love It Deserves?

One of the commonly tracked metrics of website engagement is time on site. Businesses that want potential customers to linger longer on their websites have an easy tool for making that happen — video. It turns out, giving website visitors text to read or photos to look at isn’t enough to keep them fully engaged. But, according to V. Michael Santoro and John S. Rizzo, co-founders of InVidz, LLC and developers of Vaetas, an online video marketing syndication network, adding a video means they’ll hang around, on average, an extra two minutes. READ MORE >


Should Your Company Consider Alternative Domain Extensions?

It used to be that there were only seven options when it came to top level domain names (TLD), or that part of the domain located to the right of the dot. (.com, .org, .net and .edu are the best known of the original TLDs.) But alternative domain extensions are quickly gaining in popularity. READ MORE >


The Easy Daily Habits 24 Executives Say Give Them an Edge

The most successful people I know share some common traits. They’re confident, hard-working, astute with money, and health conscious. They also stick to certain routines proved over time to work. Check out these quotes from 24 successful executives who credit simple daily habits for helping them get ahead in business and life. READ MORE >


‘Niche Dominance’ Helps Business Owners With Reputation Marketing

With “Niche Dominance, Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos,” ( co-authors John S. Rizzo and V. Michael Santoro give entrepreneurs a guide to all the major aspects of online marketing, including how to hire better digital marketing resources that can help protect your reputation online. READ MORE >


Should You Include A Video With Your Resume?

Some of the country’s top business schools are requiring potential students to be camera ready.
In an effort to virtually meet and select the best candidates, the MBA programs at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Yale School of Management, and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management have added mandatory video essays to their applications. READ MORE >


Niche Dominance: Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos

Are you inundated with calls promising a Page One ranking? Has your business been stung by poor or inadequate results because you hired the wrong resources?

Niche Dominance was written to empower small and local businesses, as well as entrepreneurs, with a commanding online presence. READ MORE >


Going Mobile Is Critical for Success

It’s no secret that the mobile revolution is truly upon us, both as consumers and as business owners. Mobile phones are increasing in usage and capabilities. Major brands have already begun to experience a huge ROI by engaging with consumers via mobile devices. And the top Web companies continue to inform us of changing behavior. READ MORE >


Expert Access Radio – V. Michael Santoro

Content Marketing is King with Niche Dominance

Click here to view the podcast.

How to Turn Your Amazon Kindle Into a Cash Register

According to V. Michael Santoro, a managing partner of Charleston, S.C.-based Globe On-Demand LLC and co-author (with John S. Rizzo) of “Niche Dominance: Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos,” the Kindle can be used to generate free business leads via the publication of Kindle-exclusive content. Yes, you read that correctly: free business leads. How does that work? Well, let’s find out! READ MORE >

2014 Tampa Bay Marketing Summit


Countering Bad Reviews Through Effective Digital Marketing

It happens all the time: The hard-working crew at a small business loses customers thanks to the sour grapes of one person.

It could be a disgruntled employee, an angry customer or even a competitor, says V. Michael Santoro, coauthor with John S. Rizzo of Niche Dominance: Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos. READ MORE >

Vaetas The Collaboration Tool for the Age of Video