Features & Integrations

Vaetas is designed to be an easy and natural part of your work day…

The Vaetas System:




Maintain & Grow Relationships

  • Send personalized, trackable video emails right from your Inbox.
  • Select your mobile responsive email template, which automatically adds an animated GIF or still JPEG of your video to your message.
  • The animated graphic links to your full-screen interactive video. No technical pain or landing pages required.

Help Those Relationships Move Forward More Easily

  • Get better return on investment than cold calling. Create relevant, interactive calls to action with a few button clicks.
  • Viewers can easily contact you directly from your video. You can also automatically forward them to any website URL.
  • Personalize your communication with prospects and customers so they can easily build a relationship with you!
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Vaetas offers a complimentary mobile app!

You can easily communicate, collaborate and connect using Vaetas on the go! The app automatically syncs with your Vaetas web dashboard. Download your app today at:

Vaetas Connect on the App Store

Vaetas Connect – Apps on Google Play

Patented Call-to-Action Technology

Instead of the video just ending, or even having other videos show up, have your viewer(s) take the next action step with you directly from the video itself.

The power of Vaetas lies in the ability for the viewer to take immediate action while engaged watching the video. Each call-to-action is designed for the different points in the relationship building process with your prospects and customers.

The Vaetas calls-to-action include:

1 Auto Forward Call to Action

When a video ends, your viewer is automatically taken to an URL of your choosing (such as a specific webpage or uploaded PDF).

3 Download File Call to Action

When a video ends it will allow for the viewer to have any file of your choosing download for them.

2 Email Me & Tap to Call Calls to Action

A viewer can contact you directly from the video by either emailing you or calling you.

4 Custom Form Call to Action

A video viewer can fill out a form of your own custom designed fields.

Just one click and the call-to-action is automatically added to your video. You can even customize your call-to-action messaging to fit your needs.

Vaetas Distribution Options

Vaetas provides multiple video distribution options

  • Email Distribution – Easy-to-use mobile responsive video email templates are provided. You have the choice of embedding your video’s poster image or an animated GIF directly into your email message which links to your full-screen interactive video.
  • Social Media – Send your interactive videos to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. We also provide you with a sharable URL of every video, for you to use as you see fit.
  • Websites – We also provide you with the embed code for every Vaetas video.
  • Personal Messaging – Share your interactive videos via Text message, Skype, WhatsApp, and other applications.

Notifications that Keep you in the Know

Designed to help you keep track in real time.

Track when prospects and customers are opening your video emails, as well as watching and interacting with your videos. Vaetas Stats include:

  • When Video is Watched
  • How Long the Video was Watched
  • Viewer’s Location
  • Number of Times Your Video is Watched
  • Call-To-Action Activity

Integrations to make your workflow faster…

Email platform integrations

Use a different email service? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Custom Rich Text and HTML is provided to integrate with the services of your choice.

You can also send your Vaetas videos with your favorite social messaging services

Vaetas The Collaboration Tool for the Age of Video