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Call-to-Action Videos for Real Estate Agents

Turning a Lead into a Closing is the Realtor’s Biggest Challenge!

You've learned and used all the scripts in Real Estate, and so has every other Realtor.

What can you do to make yourself stand out in that crowd? Video! But NOT just any video!  

Hello, I'm Jon Stroud and I've been a top-producing Realtor for over 14 years. 

I have a proven track record, earning accolades, such as “Realtor of Distinction” and staying in the top 5% of producing Realtors for several years.  

Watch my video now to see how call-to-action videos have helped me to build my real estate business.

Vaetas now includes a Video Communication Master Class with every membership.

Increase Conversions with Call-to-Action Videos

Crossing the closing finish line

You may be asking...

  • 1
    "But video is hard to use, right?" 
  • 2
    "And besides, I don’t like the way I look/sound." 
  • 3
    "Isn’t it really expensive?"
  • 4
    "I’m not a technology person, so I would not know how to start!"  

Introducing Vaetas Connect! 

Turn your Leads into Closings with Vaetas Connect!

At Vaetas, we’ve handled the technology side of this. All you have to do is provide your expertise on how you can help people with Real Estate, record it as short-personalized videos with our recording tools, and Vaetas Connect will do the rest!

All with point and click simplicity. And with our patented Call-to-Action technology, YOU control your viewer’s next steps!

Viewers can email or call you back right from your videos that play full-screen for maximum engagement.

They can also schedule a meeting and even download your real estate documents. Or, you can automatically send them to your listing pages.

And with our patented Call-to-Action technology, YOU control your viewer’s next steps! 

Vaetas Connect mobile

The Vaetas strategy is to help you grow your business!

It’s simple really… 

Your success in Real Estate is directly proportional to the number of people, who, when they think of Real Estate, think of you. With Vaetas Connect, “Higher video engagement and less action steps = more leads and sales.”

Do you:

  • Know you need to use video to build your business? 
  • Not have time to learn a new technology. Desire an easy/cost effective solution? 
  • Think like a Business Owner? Invest a small amount to find large returns?

If so, then Vaetas Connect is the solution you've been searching for! 

Introducing Vaetas Connect

(Click Image to watch a full screen call-to-action video - opens in a new browser window.)

Vaetas Benefits

Major Benefits 

  • Get people to open your emails, texts and direct social messages, view your videos, and take action - an action YOU choose!  
  • Quickly build your personal brand and communicate your expertise in the field of Real Estate. 
  • Maximize engagement and personalization – Present the “Authentic You” from your very first touch.
  • Convert more Leads to Sales with patented call-to-action technology – YOU control their next steps!
  • Be instantly notified when your video gets opened.

The Vaetas Connect Advantage

  • Record a video, or import videos from your computer or YouTube
  • Add a custom high converting call-to-action
  • Send by email, text messages and or direct social messaging Videos play full-screen on all devices for maximum engagement 
  • Videos convert viewers right from their mobile devices or computer 
  • Know instantly when viewers watch your videos
Vaetas Connect Demo

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Call-to-action Videos

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Why use Vaetas Connect?

The competition is becoming fiercer and people are more distracted.

The four major 2019 business challenges you will be facing:

  • Need to build your personal brand to differentiate yourself 
  • Get past the noise and distractions to reach your potential customers. Videos increase the likelihood your emails and texts will be opened! Connect more. 
  • Build trust and authority with prospects which is now required to have them buy from you
  • Use the right technology to quickly, easily, and affordably solve the first three challenges 

A look inside Vaetas Connect 

Vaetas Connect is cloud-based and provides a Web app and a fully integrated mobile app for, “Video on the Go!”

Recording personalized videosWhen you’re ready, you can begin at the Video Library screen to record your videos. You have the options of using your mobile device, webcam, recording your screen (with/without your webcam), uploading a video or importing videos from YouTube. 

Recording tools - To ensure that your recorded videos are professional, Vaetas Connect allows you to: 

  • Trim your recorded videos 
  • Select the best poster image from your recorded video
  • Add a music background if desired
  • Add a text message to your animated GIF
  • Add lower third contact information
  • A teleprompter during recording
Jon Recording Vaetas Video

Vaetas Calls-to-Action

Powerful video calls-to-action

Vaetas Connect allows your viewers to contact YOU directly from YOUR full-screen videos: Viewers can: 

  • Email or call you back 
  • Automatically be sent to any web page
  • Capture their email address 
  • Download a PDF file
  • Schedule a meeting in sync with your Google calendar

NO Web pages are required to host your videos.

Getting through the noise

Once you have recorded your video, or uploaded a video from your computer or imported from YouTube, you are ready to add your desired call-to-action, and send: 

  • Mobile responsive video emails to individuals or your list
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp direct messages
  • Call-to-action videos as text messages
  • Call-to-action videos as content to share on your social media accounts to build you online authority 

Vaetas Connect provides email templates that are mobile responsive. A static image or animated graphic (GIF) of your video is automatically created and embedded in your desired template.  

The Vaetas Connect Difference - Potential customers can now take action from full-screen videos WITHOUT the need for a landing page or sending your prospects directly to YouTube like other systems. You choose the call-to-action, and you are in control of your viewer’s next steps!  

Man Pointing to Social Icon

Vaetas Connect Stats

(Click Image to watch a full screen call-to-action video - opens in a new browser window.)

Instant notification and stats

Vaetas Connect instantly lets you know when your viewers have watched your videos. Additionally, the viewers’ stats are provided. These include:  

  • When video is watched
  • How long the video was watched
  • Viewer’s location
  • Number of times your video is watched
  • Call-to-action activity

If you email your list, the stats also inform you of which user email addresses watched your video. These are your engaged audience. 

How Much Does Vaetas Connect Cost?

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how affordable Vaetas Connect is for the power that it provides. We offer a 15-day risk free trial. There are no restrictions and includes access to both our web and mobile apps. You can send unlimited personalized videos via email, text messages and social media messaging during your trial.  

If you decide to join our Vaetas community, Vaetas Connect is only $25 per month or $250 per year. With our annual plan, you get two months free. This brings the cost down to $20 per month.  

And, you can unsubscribe at any time directly from your Vaetas Connect dashboard. Absolutely No Risk to You! 

Have Questions?

We have an extensive FAQ page that you can visit to answer all your questions concerning both Vaetas and our product, Vaetas Connect. You can visit it now. Our FAQ page opens in a new browser window. You can also sign up for your trial on that page as well. We're looking forward to having you part of our Vaetas Community.

Thank you and wishing you continued success from the entire Vaetas Team.