VAETAS: The Collaboration Tool for the Age of Video

We help business professionals connect in the age of video.

At Vaetas, we support business professionals in moving their business relationships forward by adding an impactful personalized touch to their communication. Video allows your prospects, customers, clients, donors, etc. to connect directly with YOU! Also, with our patented call-to-action technology, Vaetas members, can get the most out of video communication, because it allows for your viewer to take action with you, directly from the video itself!

Who we are.

We’re a group of entrepreneurs who saw the power of video. Just like you, we were looking for a better way to connect and build, in the modern day business climate. When we saw the results of using video, we realized YOU, our peers, needed an easy way to do the same…so, the Vaetas adventure began! Now we’re a company that works diligently to make using video in business development, the most easy and natural process it can be.

We are humbled to announce that Vaetas was awarded patent US9654843 B2 for our video management and marketing system (real-time calls-to-action) on May 16, 2017.

Meet the Vaetas leadership team


V. Michael Santoro



John Rizzo



Jennifer Santoro



Prashant Chaudhary

Chief Technology Officer

Vaetas The Collaboration Tool for the Age of Video